Have you got an event with your family or friends and you don’t know what to cook? Here you’ll find a lot of easy and tasty recipes that will surprise all your guests. Put olives at your table… and at your social media! Share this videorecipes with your friends and discover which one is their favorite.

Kulfi with almonds and saffron with Manzanilla Olives

Raita and banana salad with Pepper-stuffed Olives

Kashmiri aloo potatoes with Hojiblanca Olives

White fish tikka with Hojiblanca Olives

Chickpea dhokla with Manzanilla Olives

Aubergine maghmour with Queen Olives

Falooda with Queen Olives

Stuffed pao with Hojiblanca olives

Koshimbir salad with Queen olives

Lamb tawa masala with olives stuffed with Pimiento

Rice noodles with
Queen olives

Butternut squash with Hojiblanca olives

Apple fritters with Hojiblanca olives

Macher Johl
Manzanilla Olives

vegetables samosas with manzanilla Olives

Biryani rice with olives stuffed with pimiento

Hojiblanca Olives

Olives Naan

Mint Lassi
with Queen Olives

Sweet Modak With Hojiblanca Olives

Poha with Manzanilla olives